Big D's Organics

Medical & Industrial Hemp Farm with a complete line of
Hemp CBD infused healthcare products, tinctures, edibles, vapes & hemp clothing

Hemp is over 147 Cannabidnols including CBD's, CBGs, CBNs & CBCs
Hemp is a full spectrum, all natural, medical remedy
Hemp is the key to a wide variety of medical affects
Hemp is the next BIG emerging cash crop
Hemp is over 450 medicinal compounds
Hemp is Sustainable Agriculture
Hemp is NOT just male plants
Hemp is a startup industry
Hemp is NOT marijuana
Hemp is the solution
Hemp is industrial
Hemp is medical
Hemp is the future!

Hemp is the Solution!

All natural, full spectrum & eco-friendly


Hemp Applications

Over 25,000 products can be made from hemp including:
Textiles, cordage, construction products, paper, furniture, electrical, automotive, plastics, paints & sealants, lubricants & fuels, energy, bio-mass, health care products plus food & feed


Industrial Hemp

Hemp can be used for excellent fibers, hemp concrete, hemp adobe, furniture, automotive, bio-mass & so much more!


Medical Hemp

Hemp contains  over 147 Cannabinoids (CBD) with over 450 different medical compounds. 

Products extracted from hemp flowers include isolates, distillates, oils, tinctures & infusions & consumed by applying topically, tinctures, edibles & ingestibles.

Big D's is introducing a whole line of CBD health care products to Central America!

Big D's Hemp Field #01

109 +/- Acres of prime farm land in southern Belize
Formerly an active rice field up to 3 years ago
15 acres cleared, marked & ready to go
Year round access road with gate
Perennial pond & stream onsite 

Hemp is the future!

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Punta Gorda. Belize
Central America

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